Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Agressive Nomadism

"Protestantism, like Islam, is masculine, agressive and nomadic" - Kenneth Clark, Civilisation

Sunday, 16 December 2012

The Battle of sex

Socialists, feminists cannot really criticise the culture
now as it did then, as it was this culture that enabled the liberal education of
women which was a leap forward for humanity.
This is now being threatened by the aforementioned liberalisation itself.
The family, destroyed by the breakdown of the limiting structure of the patriarchal model, has been replaced by a socialist government version
Of patriarchy. Whether that could be called matriarchal or
Beauracratic, is irrelevant because it has prevailed to
The extent that the culture is now in a paranoid condition
Of defending itself from what it perceives are the attacks 
Against its hegemony by Islam (generally speaking) which is
a culture predicated upon a strict patriarchal, monotheist model.

Of course this is being eroded by the aforesaid liberal education of women,
and will probably also be consumed by the consumerist-socialist model of  beauracratic matriarchy.
It would be interesting to see which model will survive over the other, as
the family-patriarchal model has the benefit of maintaining its population,
while the liberal model rapidly depopulates itself because woman is freed
of being purely a breeding chattle.

This has to be countered with the fact that the intellectual capital
gained by the educated liberal-consumerist model promises to make its
individuals exponentially powerful compared to the hapless conditions of
those left in ignorance. 

The struggle for this individualism was the blind desire which mobilised the
mobs in the Middle East 'Arab Spring uprisings' in 2011.  For the perceived freedom, to be gained,  was but an American styled utopia of consumerist prosperity, roughly comprised of blue jeans, convertibles, bikini's and hop music.

In search for the Eden of consumerism and freedom,  this human-feminised
world-model can only perpetuate this state by making everything
safer, thus limiting hazard caused by nature, environment and other people. 
This is achieved by walling off undesirables,  the proliferation of gated
communities, compounds and other apartheid-style private communual operandi.
Whether this is a natural state of affairs or not, is not the argument.

What is inescapable in this assessment is the requirement of the female for a hegemonic state, which are the necessary conditions of biology for motherhood.
Whether this is obtained by familial bondage or the bondage afforded by an impersonal big-brother state;  the need is the same - for that which provides
and protects.

There is also no refuge in female solidarity because, after all the blather of
empathy and kindness is used up, the biological reality of competition for
resources still remains, and a mother will put her kinship over that of strangers
and deploy whatever means she has to triumph over whatever she perceives to
be a threat.  The weaker, whomever they may be* are left vanquished.

*rich, poor, lower, upper, white or coloured - it doesn't discriminate.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Newtown, Connecticut

Hartford Sandy Hook,     

Liberal Society Attacked
Its whether or not we respect the right to bear arms.  Amorial bearings should be for
the very few.  It shouldn't be democratic.  
Trouble with America is its obsession with
salesmanship.  These weapons are produced, so they must be sold.  
This dominant logic has no greater sacrament.

But more pertinently, this is what Americans do now.
From the gilded age to the jazz age to the hollywood age to this,
this is what Americans now do.
Lone disgruntled teen shooters.

In no particular order:

Virginia Tech
Fort Hood army base, Texas
Oikos University
Aurora, Colo
Carson City, Nev.
Boston Marathon
New Orleans Mother's day
Washington Navy yard