Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The whole economy is based on fraud and forgeries.
All work ultimately is commissioned by the wealthy
or those employed by the wealthy.  The real wealth is all
in debt-banking & crooked land development and based on loans which
is now linked to gov bailouts.

Yes, its too abstract.  This is how it was allowed to happened.  
No-one can be arsed to think about it.
Its emotionally unsatisfying, so no thought is allotted to it. 
This is what is taken advantage of by the degraded consciousness involved.

To continually argue about loans, overdrafts and where 'the cash' is allotted
is to avoid the root problem and get mired in the symptoms.  The root problem
being Usury.

As long as we think, in line with modern notions of democracy,
that education is the same for all - i.e. that everyone can have
the propensity of anyone else - thereby denying that some
individuals have certain, very particular, even peculiar inherited
qualities that aren't easily assimilated, then we have the
dream of Ochlocracy.

It hasn't fully won out, because the false can never actually win,
it could only do so if it were not false.  This is another reason
why good and evil are not equals.
Evil is a perverted facsimile of the Good.

This makes one think of the moon, but the moon is obviously reflecting
light, it doesn't pretend to be the thing it is reflecting from, it just receives and
gives a soft emanation of that light.

- "I was reading summat bout good & evil and it was saying that evil doesn't exist.
God created everything but not evil. Evil is the turning away from God.
The disconnection from Him. This is the great heresy".

-Yes.  Heresy, a Greek word, means Taking away from the Whole.
i.e. nothing new is actually Created, only something is removed thus altering the whole.
A denying of the whole, un-wholly, hence unholy.

The Vatican shouldn't be confused with Freemasonry.
The latter was created in opposition to the former.
Freemasonry could be seen as a Luceferic cult in the metaphor 
Milton's fallen angel in Paradise Lost.
He wants to outdo his master, he thinks he can find the keys.