Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Vino Sacrificio

Abusing wine is unchristian, for it is meant to be sacrosanct.
It is the symbolic blood of Christ.
Wine was refined to the giddy heights found in the great vintages
by celibate men in holy orders.

It is wines which underpin, validate and justify the prices
commanded by any great restaurant, it gives them the 
required air of mystique.
But to look at those great pagans, the Greeks -
for one to get well-imbibed, or drunk, one must
recognise it as is a gateway to the gods; the sacramental
element is all implicit in the Eluesian mysteries as in the Eucharist. There is more etiquette in the Dionysian realm than there is in normal life.  Yet many have seen the image of unrestrained
celebrants in Dionysian rites equal to an avenue to publicly de-burden themselves by way of negative catharsis.

To reduce this to a mere drinking session, or some
blunt way to digress from the norm, is a diminishment,
but also a grave transgression, an ultimate crime against 
culture, because it is against our shared inheritance.   
A selfish act because it disregards that common inheritance,
or communion.

“A great wine is a cultural achievement, not available to Protestants, atheists or believers in progress, since it depends on the survival of local gods. One of the greatest goods bestowed on France by the Catholic Church is to have offered asylum to the battered gods of antiquity, to have fitted them out with the clothes of saints and martyrs, and to have cheered them with the drink that they once brought down from heaven to us all. That, in a nutshell, is why French wines are the best.” - 
 Roger Scruton

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Darwinian Racism

"At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilised races of
man will almost certainly exterminate and replace, the savage races throughout the world"
-Charles Darwin, 'The Descent of Man', Chapter 3.

Darwinism is essentially racist, because it divides humanity into
two camps.  This is because it cannot propose anything but the simple idea of survival of the fittest as all
It is a determinist philosophy, there is no 
salvation, but only success.  Supremacy is all.  Poverty is thus, complete failure. 
This is, philosophically, anti-christ.  Exactly the antithesis of Christ's teaching.

The make-poverty-history campaign is similarly thus.  Although inverted.
For the paradox is, the end of poverty is also the end of the world.