Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Hackney riots: 5.3 milly

Dripping Gucci

Just for the record...A funding from the regeneration grant for the benefit of, presumably, Ralph Lauren, Jaeger, Dior, Burberry, Aquascutum, Pringle, Yucky Gucci and Gad knows whom else..

Will it bring people into the area? Yes.  Will they go anywhere else, i.e. beyond the retail strip on Morning Lane ?  Very unlikely to benefit anyone other than the new gentrific coffee shops nearby, nevermind the community.  It'll be a self contained reject-shop strip village.  Some trade maybe gained in passing for Paddy Power, Coral bookmakers, Iceland or a very big supermarket that ends with O.
The street hardest hit around here is Clarence Rd which is an intermingling of residential and shops, who's damages sustained by the riots were restored by private donation shortly after the event. The only thing they've had to deal with is blocking a bid by paddy power to set up another bookies on it (as if two large ones already in the proximity don't cater).  Its time to declare our culture bankrupt if the taxpayer's government is funding haute brands and turning a blind eye to the absolute pointless desperation of bookie shops - You've got to be amazed at the double-standard - isn't street heroin/cocaine illegal ?  
Why ? 

Friday, 25 January 2013

Exley on Buggers

Homosexuality is an extreme position, but an extreme position that has to be inhabited. 

"..(in the asylum)  There was a consolation in believing that someone had recognized these homosexuals as being ill, even more of a consolation in believing that they had perhaps committed themselves.  They were not walking their pink poodles, leeringly clacking their eyeballs all over their made-up sockets, and "slaughtering the innocents" along Third avenue.  Neither were they holding "open meetings" with a view to persuading their legislators that they were just a bunch of jolly-good boys exercising a Hellenistic inclination".  - Frederick Exley, "A Fan's Notes"

"Faggotry is the Mugabe of personality disorders, once it takes hold, it never lets go". 
- Dr.  Moreau

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Ethically Juvenile

Just because a race is intrinsically juvenile is not to say that they're not also a joyous people.
But that doesn't deny the characteristic of over-arching juvenilia.
The African American is, as the title implies, not all African -
a mixture of varying degrees, but like Obama, there is often
more Caucasian inheritance than is generally recognised.  He's not really
a black leader, if you also factor in his cultural bearings.  

What is quite certain is that African leaders in Africa don't share his liberalism.  In all of post-colonial history exceptions to this maybe found, but they are extremely rare and always thwarted.  Even in the case of Mandela, who merely presided over a transitional period, hindsight reveals him as an exception.  He was, it is undeniable, a culturally and tribal African, but also educated in European law at Witwatersrand university by whites who had no truck with policies of 'affirmative action'.

Oppression of blacks may never again be generally considered right, but considering that
the oppressed aren't always morally superior, perhaps oppression, in context of
the austere straight talking mores of the past, was a practical measure. 
To expect people then, (in a culture where Darwin didn't even dream of calling himself
an atheist) to make the optimistic leap in thinking that black culture was in any way compatible
with a society which was then (unlike now), ethically christian.

This brings us to the question of ethics.  Africans are ethically juvenile - in that
the christian ethic makes a deep impression on them in a way it no longer does for Europeans, or 'westerners' possibly since the early middle ages.  They take to Christ with open arms, and not merely due to the efforts of missionaries.
This could be because Christianity is a stark contrast to tribal codes which are a paradigm
of superstition and fear of the spirits of the dead, and in extreme cases, involve human sacrifice, and justify child molestation and rape.

The innocent give to the world natural emotion & unbridled joy.
Innocence, in the abscence of ethics is easily corruptable, while the price of ethics are 
also the breeding out of innocence.  Cane and Abel are two facets of a single psyche.

 Below:  'Necklacing',  a particularly unpleasant South African custom:

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


To prey on the percieved poverty in the exotic world
is an obscene economy.  But it is becoming our economy.
It is already the biggest industry sector in Britain.
I wonder if this is the case in northern europe too.
If you want to know why the bookshops, antique dealers
and record shops like virgin or hmv are closing or have closed
down for good - the answer again, is Charity. charity shops
dont have to pay rates, or often, staff.  On one hand, we have
too much and more than enough to give, so donate your time and money; on the other, we're lamenting the death of our retail and production economy and fearing for the fate of the underclasses in northern towns and the future of small-shop retail and the future being a total tescopoly.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Notes on Husbandry

As a descendant of horse breeders, 
and Lords who kept human gamekeepers

Breeding is a fact known equally by aristocrats and their minions, the peasants.
Such is the form: the aristos are the well bred, the peasants, less so. Sometimes there is a reversal of this general state.  There are at least two ducal families in England today who have proven the exception to this law, and have sullied their pedigree and need to be broken, (made extinct) remoulded and for it all to begin again. 

Mould needs breaking, and resetting

Of course this is par for the course, dynasties must die.  The current royal family for example, is teetering badly.   The Trojan horse in their DNA is hard to say, there's a lot of it because of the relentless pharaonic inbreeding of all European royalty, their strength always comes from beneath, a 'commoner'(relatively speaking) such as Diana or  the Queen Mother, (Bowes-Lyon family) who averted the threat of possible future haemophiliac episodes.
Diana especially, re-established the healthy thoroughbred in contrast to Charles's ailing DNA.  The current crown prince bears the stamp of his mother's strength (tall, good frame) and his father's weakness (early balding, buck-toothed).

Maketh Lords in our midst

But  the royal problem is a microcosm of all human breeding dilemma's.  Pedigree is made by taste, taste is definitively what the philistine lacks, and the barbarian often has.
Having a good quota of both barbarity and pedigree, in the truest sense, is the making of nobility.