Friday, 22 July 2016

Putting all your ego's into one blanket

The mindset that sees only fear and unknowns, with no ideas
other than negatives such as 'the agendas of neo-liberals' 
provides no soothing balm in stormy seas.

Banks are dominating the entire economics
of the world like they never have before, with the result small 
farmers and shopkeepers Europe-wide are on the Common 
Agricultural Policy dole or facing 
penury and the only market outside of stocks in London is 
increasingly that of inflating it's property prices to Monaco proportions.  

The latest news is that The EU wants to merge all 
european armed forces into one, to prevent states
from being independent by getting more entangled to
the central controllers, making it a defacto, 
military dictatorship.*

No no no to this awful, fear driven idea that together is
better, because it really is a bewildered, herd driven Hegemony.  
A lot of people find Prison safer because it is controlled,
regulated, monitored, and policed.  This is the ideology of
'Remainers' I'm afraid.   
Prison is better, because the meals are regular while 
freedom or 'choice' only means the dreaded unknown.

It also means you have to think of an alternative to 
what has been a century of bad turns (since the launch of
world war one basically) with the phony exception 
of the 60's and the 80's-90's which was only, after all, a prosperity
predicated on a renewed debt culture which was a game of musical chairs 
ultimately benefiting few, a percentile who
work in finance, government, big corps and their salivating hounds, the lawyers;
and those who already have property.  But you have to know 
history to see this.  Otherwise, Remain... in prison.
Because you don't know what could of been, in fact, what was.

One only has to look at the coloured photographs Albert
Kahn produced of Europe on the eve of the first World War.
Think that no-one had to have a 'passport document', only
a reference letter if you wanted to enter any country by the front door.

We have an opportunity at this centenary of the Somme
to repair all the mess that 19thC unification caused for the 20thC.  
The EU facilitated agreements, a rapprochement 
between what was left of devastated countries after 
WW2.  By staying in the dinosaur that the EU has become 
It paradoxically dishonours any of the good, original intentions. 

People always make the error of believing that because there were
'explosions' of creativity in the 30's or 60's, that this was proof of 
general cultural progress rather than seeing that these breaths of fresh air
were relatively heroic gasps in an otherwise larger fraught culture of decline,
strife on a dark ocean which was used by its agents to prove and justify 
a 'civilisation' of nihilism, which uses loans to indebt 
countries to ecosystem annihilation for toxic production consumption and 
technological war producing impoverished populations who will be ripe 
for more debt and toxic industrialization.  With the only light at the end 
of the tunnel is to become financial centres which only serve to enrich a
few by peddling yet more debt.

The Marxist-hedonist transhumanist, transgender 
agenda in academia is leading to the type of fascism which it pretends to 
resist.  Inventing agendas, silencing critics and 
opponents, seizing the narrative through mass media 
('propaganda') and finding scapegoats to 
blame whoever refutes it is the same way fascism did it in the 1930's.

It is asserting a utopia based on 'overcoming' 
the way fascists misused Nietzsche's concept of 
Ubermensch.   (The superman was one man thinking for himself, 
opposed to 'the rabble'.  Superman wasn't a mass movement).
Any return of the death penalty would be used to serve these ends
and not those of the proponents of the 'traditional morality'.

*The creation of a European army is a long way off, but it is a strategic necessity to implement important steps to pave the way towards it now -

Roderich Kiesewetter, Bundestag member  Financial Times

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Brexit Planet Dust

What has surfaced and come to fore is the old, 1930's idea 
of the "menace of the masses" (Wells, Blooomsbury).
Disregard of the 'mob' and distrust of democracy.
The liberals and city sub-elites have revealed their secret: that they hate
the 'unwashed', and in the name of progress 
look forward, in ocean-liner fashion, to a future
dripping with thrusting art-deco lines, the way of Mussolini.
These middling men pretend that they
are on everyones side, but they're on their own.

Its a way for politicians to defer responsibilities to a 'central
thing' which on its top level is closed to the gurning populations of Europe.
Same reason they need to bring in refugees, so that 
they 'have to make decisions' under duress,
decisions they don't have to be accountable for, because they've
got the bottomless excuse of 'the poor'.  This also
provides a great excuse for the non-termination of austerity
or any other measure for that matter.  The same excuses war
provides.   They also have it from previous form, that people shall
accept austerity/rationing given the 'right reasons' (WW2 Britain)
and that protestations are merely proof of their subservience (Machiavelli).

The chaos afforded by terrorism is merely more grist for
their mill.  In other words, it is against their interests for
terror to ever cease.  It was not shocking to hear that the regulations
being discussed at the moment the British referendum results
came in is if domestic robots would have the rights of persons in the future.

                (Modern Heretic, John Dunn)

Monday, 4 July 2016

Unto Whited Sepulchres

Again, one hears the accusation that this democratic outcome is ungodly for race relations and is, in itself, an encourager of violence and persecutions.   
Did the EU also invent racial harmony  ?   Like the infamous English ball-match hooligans, those already with a racialist bent are using this, as they do said ball games, to vent their unresolved frustrations on 'the others'.  Here in Hackney we have 're-whitewash gentrification', where black persons feel, rightly so, that they are being bleached out by a banker-funded clique of sacharrine whiteys who just don't jive with the existing ska-dancehall culture.  Some of these yuppies had Stay placards in their windows, but all the leftists honks who laid the mat out for them in the first place had RemaIN vulgarising their (mostly Victorian) fenestration (a mix of bien pesant politik and fears their property purchases would become devalued or bad investments - there was not a single Leave poster anywhere).  The yuppies drive the shop rents up so everything finally becomes clinically clean, cold & corporate friendly, like Canary wharf and most of the west end.  No quirks, no eccentrics, no brick-a-brack, no rastas, no unsteriles.
The terrible thing about not allowing poor persons is that there is no stability, no congeal, no ferment.  Everything is green, raw and cold.  If you don't keep dumb, fresh, clean, tidy & sharp, you will be eventually bought out, robbed by taxes, or evicted.   Unless, that is, you hold on thru 'til the next nosedive to ghetto junk status.
Not as hard as it seems.. Hard come, easy go. 
Culture is a long process, like a fine time-tuned eco-system.  But the clean up is known as 'Civilisation' .   The last stage before evisceration, extinction and collapse.   Also known as 'the bleach'.
"Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!  for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness." - Matthew 23:27