Sunday, 29 November 2015

Apologia 1

The paradox is that I reasonably believe that there are things I cannot explain, or understand.  It simply is not reasonable to believe that we can have the answers to every question if only we continue to believe that rational enquiry will ultimately yield them, that the only thing stopping us is unreasonable people who have no belief (faith) in reason alone (pure reason). 
Because it does appear that reason is only trying to override faith in good with faith in pure reason.  Reason alone isn't providing ultimate solutions or answers to 'absolute' riddles (so called 'big questions' of life and the universe).

It develops technologies, investigates phenomena, and finds much. Harnessing materials already extant, but not creating anything and everything it merely wishes.  It doesn't follow that reason would then provide the solution to all chimeras if only it could simply be believed in, a counter faith in place of religious faith.  The only absurd faith is in scientific progress, with it's ever receding and expanding horizons. 

God being the eternal good, that good shall supersede evil is ultimately all religious faith actually boasts, what it recognises as salvation.  Any power of science doesn't replace or contradict this.  

What is unreasonable, is to believe in negating morality because it seems so unnecessary in the face of a superior, pure, human reason (the rationale denouncing the 'miraculous' and 'superstition', for example) or that, pure reason somehow affirms morality.  It definitively has no faith in anything but itself,  which it supposes is the supreme good, when it can only be a relative good.

The conundrum of evil is that it is not interchangeable with good.  If it were, then the question of belief or truth need never arise.  
The so-called 'believer in nothing' could never ascertain or judge others, or be accountable for any 'right or wrong', 'left or right', progress or stagnation;  life or death would all mean nothing, and more importantly, couldn't be made to mean anything by any logic or philosophy whatsoever.