Friday, 24 March 2017

Westminster Bridge, Resignation of the Spirit

I call it murder.  Some might call it an act of terror, others an act of honour against The Great Satan.     
What do you call it ?   Corbyn was an I.R.A. sympathiser, he may of considered their atrocious acts 'the struggle'.  
Anyway the latest news was that the assailant was a 'soldier' of I.S.

Let's not wallow in media atrocity blitzkrieg.  Because if it wasn't media hyped, these acts wouldn't have a mandate to continue.  
Although this is distinctly a negative dialectic; we are still looking at religious behaviour, albeit perverted and on the gnostic end of the spectrum, purity through fire, 
and all that Cathar-sis.

Martyrdom is inspired by the relics of saints.
The appetite for this news encourages a media which, hot
as freshly pressed print - renews, inspires more mad ganja & puritan ideology-fuelled men to commit such obscene acts of 'honour'.  

But one cannot entirely blame the media. Because it is a personal shopper choice to consume films and video games involving ever increasingly high body counts, which then encourages more production of such 'media'.   If some don't seems to have appetite for such filth, and thats maybe down to the happy fact our parents weren't 'bottom feeders'.   The 'buck' has to stop with us individually, using 
our God given freedom of choice, or free will.  The fatalistic or deterministic view is a 'realist' view that what occurs is manifest and thus, destined.

Manifest destiny, that whiggish American-founding myth, escalates violence by accepting it firstly as 
not given, but made, and its why the U.S.A never solves violence in the world, only encourages more of it.  

Unfortunately, the Holy Eastern Orthodox Church also has shadows of fatalism in its concept of complete 
submission and devotion to the will of God.  In that, essentially people surrender their free will in the face of tragedy and communism.  They are all too willing to submit to the blindness of collectivism.  Asiatic Resignation, as Waugh called it. 

The triumph of the west has its locus in Roman Catholicism, not in Lutheran self-will, or Calvinist self reliance, 
which only trusts the self at the expense of everything and everybody else. 

The majestic Roman Church got the balance right: trust in God, but don't trust that you won't slink to evil, 
or that 'evil' is only external, or merely someone else's, or natures flaw.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Spinoza Antichrist

Fichte’s system was the offspring of Kant’s divorce of sensuous from intelligible nature, with the former dictated by necessity, the latter governed by freedom.

This was Fichte and Schelling's method 
of how to separate out the original sin of Calvin's 'total depravity'​ from ergo and place it 
firmly in the bosom of nature, and with nature's interlocutor who, for the philosopher, is woman.​  

Their ideal result was the old Cartesian split, word against flesh.  

Flesh made word; Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings. Always darker, emptier, simpler.