Thursday, 25 August 2016

Colonial, through and through, but to colonise new parts of one's own brain, rather than
finite projections of the subjective business of cartography and the attendant lugubrious
and sensual conquest of physical space.   Pleasures built on the pain of striving -
To navigate new deltas or rivulets of neural bypass, to light up new networks is the
true enlightenment sought by men through the ages.  Paradoxically this could be the age of yin, of inward turning, as opposed to the choice between extrovert self-obliteration, or
raving decadence evidenced in sharp declines in comportment, etiquette, modulation,
composure, or self restraint in favour of a faux primitive, nouveau-pagan narcissism.

Of the unified personality in the soul of the world is the confluence of running
to the frontier and therewith, the awareness found at the polar edge of total physical
liberation in rebellion against the limits of Confucian mastery.