Monday, 6 July 2015

Grexit Hinterlands

One forgets how punitive the German empire was after the Franco-Prussian war, and how this caused the post WW1 Versailles treaty which was perceived as the punitive turn which drove them into the arms of national socialism.
Of course Bismarck was behind the Franco-Prussian war.  Note it wasn't called the 'franco-bavarian' war, this was because Bismarck, wannabee Napoleon, and had downed the 'dream-king', the Catholic Bavarian Ludwig II, who, far from being a warmonger, was a castle builder and artistic patron (Wagner). 
Ludwig's legacy are now Deutschland's most popular tourist destinations (notably Neuschwanstein castle).  Whereas Bismarck's is a legacy of abysmal empire building (breaking up of duchy's) and wars, following Napoleon and Frederick II as examples,
which led directly to the horror of the Chaplin caricature and non-humorist, Adolph (may his name be obliterated).

"In the 1870s he allied himself with the Liberals (who were low-tariff and anti-Catholic) and fought the Catholic Church in a culture war [kulturkampf].
He lost that battle as the Catholics responded by forming a powerful Center party and using universal male suffrage to gain a bloc of seats."
One of my main negative inspirations is to topple the wretched historical narrative of the recently-deceased Austro-Jewish historian
Eric Hobsbawn, who emigrated to England, wrote in English, championed Bismarck and Stalin..
and who is considered the greatest British Historian, (discounting Toynbee) his reign is one of pure and relentless falsehoods,
reshaping history to uphold and further the 19thC anti-catholic Whig interpretation of history.

I like that Piketty, here is essentially addressing Merkel's "Schuld" comment on relation to the Greek debt, Schuld, meaning their Guilt at
being in debt.