Friday, 30 September 2016


The ungodly is a desire to be animal, to be without cosmic significance,
to be shorn of 'the soul', to consider that a ghastly hindrance
a gauche accoutrement, the revolting baggage of an archetypal insufferable
bore, resulting in existential despair not shared with the animal.
Its a style choice in a firmament of bewildering choice,
a preference for the unfettered primitive, without the asphyxiating bonds and oaths
of loyalty that primævalism entails.
It is the realm of the deracinated, derailed and fundamentally
disloyal and atomized.  It is on the spectrum of global
scoundrel, one who thinks he should answer to nobody, is without
history, free of place or community.  Their intelligence tells them they are
free of agency, but their bounds are the narrative of negation.

The only affirmation is a meek acquiescence to power that 
formally negates, such as hip hop, grime, Islam, punk, or anti-capitalism.
There is something snide in this ludicrous, incongruous embrace. 
It is merely the establishment notion of ownership and incorporation.
It is the shrewd riposte to a slave rebellion.  This isn't speaking
truth to power, only acquiescence of power. 
The desired result is corporate slave-branding, the humdrum marketplace cynicism
of industrial generality.  It is appears to be the denouement of a slave-owning mentality.

Friday, 23 September 2016


How would an irrational being create anything outside of himself?   Irrationality is always bound up with ego and self identification, unlikely to create a cult of an ultimate ancestor figure such as a God, outside of time.  
To propose that an irrational people created this God would be to assume that oneself is thus objectifiably rational and coincidentally, just like the terrific old testament thunder God, judging vast swathes of humankind through all of history as being utterly wrong for worshipping a false idol.   

Atheists and their forerunners, the Deists, far from freeing anyone from idolatry, really believe they themselves embody God, and that there can be no other God possible but themselves.

From time to time we have also seen such demagogues rise and fall, leading people astray into irresponsibility they feel no subsequent accountability for.