Saturday, 20 May 2017

The Great Lie Of The Left

The great lie of the left is that they are speaking for 'us', meaning the majority, the 'ordinary' person.  The same spin was used by Mussolini, and Trump. When the right say this, they are also pretending.  
The right just pretends in "we" a lot less often.  

The other nonsense of the left now is the old notion that we'd all be better off by taxing the rich. By this they now mean the uber-rich, oligarchs and multinationals.

There are at least 3 flaws in this: 

  1. Already offshore, & will move even more "offshore" if threatened by tax.
  2. The rich are better left alone by the threat of tax, as they were in the past when they felt much more obligated than now to benefit the country personally with endowments, buildings and institutes. They are simply less likely to do this with the state positioning themselves as the benefactors of the people, by taxing these people. People simply feel less obligated to personally help the homeless when the state claims to have relieved our conscience of our surrounding society.
  3. The idea shown of terrorised future of failed states with obscene Oligarchies are actually countries who had statist, socialist regimes (All of the Eastern bloc, Russia, most of Africa, most of Asia, most of South America...). That is not the situation in Europe or the U.S. where Capitalism was not banned. However damage has been done by years of statist measures, producing a class of protectionist oligarchs in its wake.

Because most people in Europe and North America haven't lived in the Eastern bloc, Russia, Africa, Asia, or South America, they don't see the damage done to these societies by past Socialism/Communism.  
They just assume the relative American recent U.S. involvement in some of these places is solely to blame, or if not, it is the legacy the old European Empire.  
The U.S. has undoubtedly been ruthlessly opportunistic; this is because these opportunities were afforded by corrupt regimes and their attendant Oligarchs, enabled by devastation wrought by Marxist regimes*. The Left in Europe don't see this is, don't see that if their anti-capitalism had any fruition whatsoever, it would disable the ability to fund anything for large amounts of people, and also the ability of free speech and any culture of criticism. Meanwhile, they live in a culture where profits are made from books, films, articles, that promote the vast bulk of critical discourse, while they deem any critique of Socialism to be allied with all the evils the world has ever known, and marginalise the relatively few intellectuals with outsider status.

After the war, it was a legitimate position of dissent to deride the western system (although they never derided the enlightenment, which is the most likely culprit for 20thC technological wars and the atom bomb). Now it is the reverse, it is a dissenting position to deride the academy, but there is even less freedom to do so than in 1945, or even 1922). This is because the academies have been shaped by the biased dialogue of complacent deconstructionism.

Besides the hypocrisy that one of the multinationals is Facebook, which the left are addicted to; the other hypocrisy is that a lot of the haute-left use tax avoidance "vehicles" themselves.  With one hand they think of nationalising rail, while on the other, disparaging the nation state as a regressive concept. Why not think about nationalising google or facebook ?

*This is not an apology for colonialism, but it is curious that genocide was comparatively rare during colonisation.
The genocide of the American Indian was done after a war of "independence".
These regimes always excuse themselves by blaming the former colonisers, ignoring the fact that they choose to model themselves almost entirely on the worst aspects of colonial rule wherever possible.

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